From the Dominican Republic to Brazil, marriage traditions south usa vary from region to nation. But the prude is full of fun and brilliant customs that can give a truly unique element to any wedding. From the wedding ceremony cake for the El Lazo Cord, these 11 Latinx wedding traditions by all over the region are sure to encourage you.

In many countries, the groom serenades his fiancee before the wedding ceremony. This is a powerful way to show your love and emotion for one another.

After the church or civil ceremony, friends throw rice and bird seed as the couple completely. This represents fertility and fortune for the new couple. This tradition has been replaced by fanfare and increased by petals in modern times.

In Argentinean and Chilean marriage ceremonies, the new bride is customarily escorted down the interchange by her father. This means you will find no bridesmaid or groomsmen at the ceremony. Instead, the couple is normally accompanied by the parents and padrinos (godparents).

In Panama, the groom provides 13 coins to his fresh wife through the ceremony. This is known as todas las arras. The coins symbolize Christ wonderful 12 disciples, plus the bride welcomes them to be a sign of her trust and trust in her partner’s ability to provide on her.

In Venezuela, it’s not unusual for lovers to break away from their reception late in to the night. If they will do this without having captured, it’s believed to bring the few good luck!